Review: Infinity The Hunt #2


A marked improvement compared to the first issue, Infinity: The Hunt #2 at least provides some entertainment related to the main event. Matt Kindt and Steve Sanders are back for another issue giving us the various schools of the Marvel U. as they are under attack by the forces of Thanos. This issue is probably the most action-packed of all the Infinity tie-ins to date as someone actually dies in a most bloody fashion!

The issue starts much the same way as the first by introducing members of the young cast. While the first issue was completely necessary and should have been combined with this one, Infinity #2 does a fine job of progressing the story Kindt wants to tell, and that is the students of the Marvel U. working together against Thanos‘ minions, notably uniting Doctor Doom’s Latverian school with Avengers Academy. The good news is we at least get two more issues of that as Infinity: The Hunt is a four issue limited series.

Steve Sanders art is going to be hit or miss. It’s not my cup of tea, but does provide enough value for the story. I’m not big on Sanders’ up-close facial drawings, but shots at a distance or panels with multiple characters come off as well done, not to mention the flying body parts are a nice added touch.

Infinity: The Hunt #2 is by no means a must buy; the $3.99 price tag is an awful lot, but if you are a fan of the Avengers Academy kids or looking for more of the Infinity storyline you will probably want to pick this one up.