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Review: Infinity #6

Review: Infinity #6

I don’t like to use the term “textbook” in reviews. Textbook seems to be the epitome of the usual. And believe me, there is nothing usual about Infinity #6, the climactic ending of this fall’s blockbuster space opus.

Like Roy Thomas, Jim Starlin and Keith Giffen before him, Jonathan Hickman has created a superhero science fiction story that will last the test of time and be dubbed one of the classics of Marvel stories. In this era of the “event,” we have seldom seen its like in satisfying episodes, tie-ins and now conclusion.

Everything about Infinity has been good, and especially its ending chapter, issue #6.

The Avengers loom large in this issue, as they should. This has been and was planned to be an Avengers story, although it has become so much more.

Once again, a Marvel writer has brought to life the cosmic denizens of the complex universe created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Even though this was not written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, it was a pleasure to see characters they have handled and others come to life again in this very complex space story. We also witnessed how you can involve Earth in a cosmic stiry without it being “Earth-centric.”

Hickman focuses on the big but also the small in this issue. There is great character, but also great battle with major ramifications. There are moments for those that have their own magazines, as well as those that have been unique to this saga.

Everyone, everything has its moments. And we have satisfyingly conclusions that can only lead to more and better space-oriented stories, or such is the hope of we Marvel Cosmic fans.

For example, in the last few panels we can see the unrest in the Kree Empire which will lead to a refurbishing of the Invaders super team. Likewise, the Skrulls have a new emperor and Annihilus has a new world. And majorly, the Inhumans …! What is next for these developments?

As a fan of Marvel Cosmic, I’m genuinely going to miss Infinity and the issues of Avengers it has been tied to. While Hickman is scheduled to go on and compose great cosmic wonders in the pages of Avengers, there’s been a certain cohesiveness and sheer joy about Infinity, the Builders and Thanos.

Issue #6 is a genuinely satisfying conclusion which can only lead to better things and more Avengers worlds. I cannot wait to climb aboard that spaceship!

Job well done, Mr. Hickman and associates.