Review: Infinity #4 (Marvel)


Another grand cosmic tale from Hickman, Opena and Weaver as the Avengers are faced with the decision to surrender in the face of impending annihilation! Infinity #4 is a fast-moving game-changer that sees Thor and his mighty Mjolnir bring down the thunder! 

The issue contains a lot of new elements that progress the story – so much so that I felt as I had missed an issue. The battle between Thanos and Black Bolt led to the unleashing of the Terrigen Mist bomb (a page out of DnA’s War of Kings?) upon the Earth, which leads directly into Matt Fraction’s next event Inhumanity and new ongoing series, Inhuman. This also led to the reveal of Thanos‘ son, Thane. Shame on Marvel for revealing Thane early in the form of video game promo art (really, Marvel??!) as it took a lot away from this part of the issue if you happened to read the spoilers. As of now, Thanos is on Earth having just destroyed Black Bolt, and I can’t wait to see what happens when (if?) the Builders arrive and they come upon the Mad Titan (and son?!).

The other half of Infinity #4 centered on Hala with Captain America’s apparent plan to negotiate a surrender. The Builder on Hala expected one of them to kneel before him, but once that Avenger became known the reader had to know the Assembler wouldn’t bow for long. It’s Thor! Captain America chose Thor to surrender before the Builder. In an epic fashion, Thor is asked to disarm himself of Mjolnir and throws it into the sky! Into space! Through a star! And then calls for Mjolnir’s return, with the Builder’s abdomen happening to be in its path! Spectacular! In taking out the Builder, Captain America has set everyone up for extermination, but the First Avenger has also freed Hala and united everyone!

Infinity #4 is a great cosmic Avengers issue! There hasn’t been anything near this quality of an Avengers tale in quite sometime. Hats off to the creative team for putting together such an epic event.