Review: Infinity #2


We are two issues into Infinity and Jonathan Hickman has given us an event by far better than any of the “big” ones preceding it. Infinity #2 has something for every fan of Marvel as it’s essentially a Marvel Cosmic event set on Earth and at the same time out in space. It’s a win-win situation.

I also like that Hickman’s Infinity and his Avengers tie-ins are not drawn out repeats. All of Hickman’s Infinity and related issues have provided some real storytelling, progressing the story rather than drawing it out for the sake of filling and selling issues. Obviously there will be recaps of the important events that occurred in the other books (New Avengers #9), but as an example, Infinity #2 continues the story instead of having to wait until New Avengers #10. Hopefully the trend continues and NA #10 isn’t just more of the same from Infinity #2. So far the series is definitely paying off for the non-trade readers.

This issue deals with Corvus Glaive and his meeting with the leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt. Hickman provides some pretty great dialogue back and forth between Glaive and Medusa. “No. Like Thanos, of Titan, in the now,” Glaive responds to Maximus‘ remark about Herod killing the children of Bethlehem. Very nice and a great set-up. We are also taken to Captain America and the war taking place at the Corridor in deep space. I’m not big on Cap off planet, but Hickman quickly introduces Gladiator who assembles a Shiar strike force only to have their first major win, not be such a victory when all is said and done. Great touch!

There’s not much that can be said about Opena and Weaver other than their art is frickinstellar. Gotta love the photo-realistic aspects (my favorite) that the duo offer, and coupled with Ponsor’s colors it feels as if you are watching an epic space opera on the big screen.

The concluding pages we also learn there is a lot more to the story leaving the reader salivating for more as if they were one of Glaive’s outlanders! Yes, more than one!

While we here at Cosmic Book News are hard on Marvel for their choices regarding Marvel Cosmic, I have to give them credit where credit is due as Infinity has started off to be one heck of a series.