Review: The Infinite #3


If anything, The Infinite, is a fun book that blends science fiction time travel elements with rogue mercenary soldiers bent on protecting humanity from an evil doer.

The book has a very anime type feel to it, which is most likely a result of Rob Liefeld's art. Not that it is a bad thing or anything, as I do enjoy Liefeld's art at times, with this being one of the cases.

Kirkman's dialogue is very easy to follow and gives the characters a voice all their own. This makes for easy reading, and comes as no surprise to any who follow Kirkman's other books.

This particular issue happens to be a quick read, that introduces the new character, Duel. He saves the day when things go wrong for Bowen who has traveled back in time to assist his younger self and best friend in an attempt to stop world domination. As the new character makes his presence known, this sudden appearance by Duel takes future Bowen off guard, causing Bowen to question his methods of trying to set the timeline right. Next, Bowen seemingly travels in time with the result being a very curious Cable-esque scar appearing over his eye.  In addition, we get more from Imperius, with a continuance from last issue in regards to the guy with the mowhawk (sorry, he is name is not named in the issue) switching sides. 

As I said above, it is a fun issue. I think if you attempt to read into it anymore, this will come off as lacking, leaving you disappointed. I don't think it's meant to be considered heavy reading, as it seems as if the creator's are having fun with this one – and it shows. The Infinite is more like a Saturday morning cartoon; it's quick, vibrant and pure mindless entertainment.