Review: The Hypernaturals (FCBD)


What a pleasure to read a rip-roarin’ cosmic opus by CBN fan faves Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning again, one that does not feel like some editorial reins are being pulled on them even as they were later on during Free Comic Book Day when the 138th Kentucky Derby was run here in my home state.

No, there was nothing inhibiting about this initial run for a team of future superheroes called The Hypernaturals, a seeming guard like Marvel’s militaristic Imperial Guard which serve certain terms like politicians and then pass on posts after that time. 

When we join our heroes in the year 100 A.Q., the Hypernaturals are being led by Magnetar, a newbie HN himself this term. With him, we already establish a lack of promptness, a willingness to serve and a seemingly controversial affair going on under the covers!

While we do not know much yet about this world, there are already intriguing threads being dropped in DnA fashion to set up future stories. A thanks to BOOM! Studios for letting these great creators of cosmic fare loose to do what they do best: create!

Now our team, celebrating the 100th year of Hypernaturals activity, is not just released upon some cosmic big-bad. In fact, they do go to investigate some wrongness in an important corner of their universe and — well, all contact has been lost and something terrible is happening to at least one of this newbie HN brigade.

So what do the officials on Earth do? Well, it looks as though they will be bringing in HNs from teams and terms past to help solve the problem and find the Centennial Year Iteration. The question is, do they want to assist?

Great to see DnA teamed again with former Guardians of the Galaxy partner artist Brad Walker. Walker along with Tom Derenick create a fun, believable cosmic world that has me thinking of Dave Cockrum’s stints on Legion of Super-Heroes and Uncanny X-Men. Action and fun! 

If the new book from BOOM! Studios is half as entertaining as this Free Comic Book Day offering, the company — and the book — has a fan for its run.

See you in the pages of The Hypernaturals #1 in July, cosmic fans!