Review: Hypernaturals #3


Cosmic scribes Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have knocked it out of the ballpark again with Hypernaturals #3 as they continue to build their own universe courtesy of BOOM! Studios in character-driven pieces set not too far in the future.

The current cast of Hypernaturals is either in limbo or dead, as DnA concentrate on some veterans from past iterations coming back to help because of the disappearance of the current team, or newbies all set to make their marks in quantum history.

The newbies especially interest me as we see the juxtaposition of the nervous, awestruck and honest Shoal as he struggles to wrangle in the belligerent, opinionated second Halfshell. A skyward chase across San Diego cannot keep Shoal from Halfshell, his powers crash-landing them both in an area where we see there are still lowtowns in this near-future paradise.

Meanwhile, vets Bewilder and Thinkwell have taken Prismatica (newly rejoining the vet emergency HNs) to a prison world where super-villain Sublime is being held. The super-intellect is thought responsible for the disappearance of the current HN iteration. He was also, as we see in the beginning flashback of the issue, responsible for the current state of Prismatica’s husband, Stellerator – who, as we saw last issue, has been converted into the memory-less body of a young boy. Prismatica’s response to jibing by Sublime is dramatic, to say the least!

As some vets interrogate Sublime, Clone-45 – the heroic and idolized but now powerless former Hypernatural – arrives to great applause at HN HQ and is almost immediately thrown into action as the only survivor of the current iteration, Ego, begins to run amok. (The scenario as it happens in real time at Hypernaturals HQ is eerily described by Sublime to Thinkwell, Bewilder and Prismatica at the prison as it occurs. Ultra-creepy!)

While Brad Walker’s touch is missed this issue, artists Tom Derenick and Andres Guinaldo do a yeoman’s job in capturing the heavy atmosphere, suspense and even momentary elation in the characters this time around. The scenes are full of futuristic brightness, and the shadows are full and creepy in the prison scenes and in “lowtown” with Shoal and Halfshell II.

What a great and wonderful cosmic universe DnA are building thus far. If you haven’t taken part in its creation as a reader, now is the perfect time to jump aboard.