Review: The Hunger #4


The concluding issue of Josh Fialkov and Leonard Kirk’s Galactus invasion of the Ultimate Universe with The Hunger #4 was released today, and it goes out with a bang!

Fialkov and Kirk provide a great cosmic story in that Rick Jones is the Ultimate Universe’s last best hope, but it comes at what price?! A price that remains to be seen which will be played out in the upcoming event – Cataclysm!

Due to the events of the Age Of Ultron, a tear in time and space opened a door between the regular Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe. Galactus steps through (conveniently right in time for Infinity) where he merger with that universe’s version, the gah-lak-tus swarm! The Ult. U.’s cosmic heroes must attempt to stop this newly formed Devourer of Worlds with Ro-Nan, Mahr Vehl, the Silver Surfer and Rick Jones joining forces! 

In this story, Jones is a teenage hero, but finally comes to his own with this issue. Mahr Vehl fought the good fight and lost last issue with Jones donning the armor becoming the even more powerful – Captain Marvel. The deceased Mahr Vehl has developed tech to destroy Galactus, but Jones can’t use it otherwise millions and millions could be destroyed. Faced with dire odds, Jones must make a decision that will not only affect one universe, but unbeknownst to him – two! 

This series has been pretty fun as it’s filled with some great cosmic mayhem and quality art from Leonard Kirk (fix the Surfer’s ears, guys!). While Jones could be annoying at times (why are all Marvel’s teenage characters like that??), this issue paid off leading to some interesting developments in the future. This particular issue is filled with large epic battles, dimension and universe hopping and great cosmic characters. Good stuff.