Review: Grifter #9


If you read Doc’s “Top of the Pile” this week, the guy that shares my small cubicle at CBNHQ is right. Grifter is back on track (or rather, on track for the first time) as 1990s legend and Cable creator Rob Liefeld makes his splash on this title and others.

The first Liefeld-plotted issue, this week’s #9, starts out with something right out of a 007 flick: Cole Cash snowboarding down a mountain with aliens in hot pursuit. Now that is what I’m talkin’ about!

I am not saying that Grifter has been turned around in one issue, but let’s get this straight. Liefeld does know his comics, and after the mish-mash the previous creative team had been serving up this is really out there – and exciting.

Cole Cash finally seems to have a purpose, and a destiny, although he as a character is going into it kicking and screaming. It has been obvious from the word go that the Grifter is destined to play a chief role in some war with the Daemonites, whether he wants to or not. Only now, with the addition of plotter Liefeld, scripter Frank Tieri and artists Scott Clark and Dave Beaty, we actually care!

Doc is right about another thing too: This Clark/Beaty art is to die for! Awesome layouts that let the action flow and the emotions be felt, rather than the stilted poser figures with marshmallow aliens we have been getting. Clarkcarries the Liefeld action perfectly, fleshing out an already involving story and making it palatable to readers.

Although I liked Midnighter’s guest appearance, this is my favorite issue of Grifter to date. I think now I will keep it near the top of MY pile!