Review: Grifter #7


I know there is a new creator on the way – and thank goodness – but writer Nathan Edmondson does manage to weave a great little ditty this time around that is very much helped along the way by spectacular art from Scott Clark and Dave Beaty.

Of interest in particular for this reviewer is that our masked hero goes one-on-one with Midnighter of Stormwatch. The “Murder Machine” is in his element in the Himalayas where a piece of the Eye of the Storm (Stormwatch HQ) has fallen to Earth following the conclusion of Stormwatch #6. It is also interesting that, even though the Grifter is totally transformed (to what degree we do not know) by the end of this story, another star-spanning villain appears that may eventually be after not only Midnighter but Stormwatch as well. (First, he’s gonna take on the New 52 Superman in two weeks! Love the continuity!)

The battle between Midnighter and the Grifter is elemental, and the high peaks are a superb venue for this match-up. In the end, it is the Grifter’s intellect, not his abilities as a fighter, which win the day, even over the savvy Midnighter.

A great yarn, even if you are not into either Grifter or Stormwatch. For three bucks, it ain’t bad!