Review: Grifter #5


While I am digging the mission of the alien Daemonites and the action each and every time our hero runs into his enemy, Grifter #5 really fell flat for me.

I guess it is one of those issues where the anticipation only builds to a final page non-climax as we are still awaiting the coming of the Black Curate.

Meanwhile, Daemonite struggles against Daemonite for placement in an unknown pecking order, and the prize, it seems, is the elimination of Cole Cash.

The art too seems to be following the kinda muddy mood of the story as the great Daemonites appearing in non-human form seemed to be little more than sketched-in zombies. Poor.

There were touches of brilliance in the book, to be sure: the relationship between our hero and the wonderful Sophia, her changing “tom-girl” armory, and of course the overall threat of alien invasion by tech.

I must say the overall theme of this book excites me, but it was certainly served up this month both poorly and coldly.

In other words: Welcome aboard soon, Mr. Liefeld!