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Review: Green Lantern: New Guardians #30

Review: Green Lantern: New Guardians #30

Artist Brad Walker zooms us into Green Lantern: New Guardians #30 this month with his detailed cosmic figures and backgrounds that have made him a CBN fan fave since his days with Guardians of the Galaxy.

This month, Walker shares art duties with a rather non-meshing Diogenes Neves. The surprise? It ain’t bad a’tall!

This could, in fact, be one of Walker’s (and Neves’) strongest issues to date, since we are talking about cosmic beings under attack and the god that they worship also involved in the action. Walker’s panels are packed full of that goodness that writer Justin Jordan has been bringing to Kyle Rayner’s life since Day One.

It never ceases to amaze me how talented artists of diverse generations (Kirby, Buscema, Adams, Ellis, Walker etc etc) are able to gaggle out these beauteously populated cosmic landscapes with scads of characters and yet they do not look crowded at all. Richly detailed, but not crowded. (If there is a marker in art styles, Walker’s panels are more detailed than Neves’. But it works.)

As for Jordan, I am at a loss of words as he has taken Kyle, Carol and the Templar Guardians on an Enterprise-like exploration of the DCU/New 52 and I think it is about time one of the Big Two did it. Characters that were invented decades ago as “little green men” throwaways can be brought richly to life in this format. Just look at Marvel’s Annihilation, which was all alien-oriented. I was hoping we might see this with DC’s Threshold or StormWatch, but no soap.

Now, safe in the familiar of the Green Lantern franchise, Jordan is taking us where no man has gone before in a universe that is rich in cosmic characters (I mean, flarkin’ Superman on down) and amazingly unexplored and unexploited.

So in #30, Kyle is still caught between a rock and hard place on a cosmic level. It is now that the White Lantern goes to work, showing he is more like the Silver Surfer than we knew. He not only sweeps up the Godkillers on Kalosa but the ones killing god X’Hal’s disciples across the galaxy. Cool feat, but it kind of pulls the rug – at least for now – on the great culture and religious exploration Jordan was doing. I am sure we will be back!

Once again, the best of the Green Lantern books thus far this month. With art and writing like this, I am almost certain it will stay so. At least in my reviews.