Review: Green Lantern: New Guardians #24


I love the sense of urgency in this week’s episode of “Lights Out” in Green Lantern: New Guardians #24. It reminds me of that urgency, that need to just do something when I was a little kid and came upon a worn-out copy of the FF’s “Galactus Trilogy” in its ripped entirety. (Where IS that now??)

Writer Justin Jordan is fantastic at pacing, we have found out, and starts with the bleakness of Oa’s destruction and leads in with Kyle and the de facto leader of the Greens, Hal Jordan, going typically nuts, talking some suicide mission, much to the chagrin of Kyle and the ever-level headed John Stewart, who probably should have Hal’s job.

I know that the concentration will always be on the core title, but again I feel that Jordan and the fantastic art of CBN fave Brad Walker (more on him below) have made New Guardians THE GL book to watch in the post-Geoff Johns era.

I mean, look at the shifts of scenery and yet you never lose the continuity, you never lose the story, something also wonderfully done by Jonathan Hickman in the cosmic ongoing Infinity/Avengers sides over at Marvel. In GL:NG #24, you have scenes with the neo-Guardians (whom I am loving, for a change), John, Kyle, Hal, and back again, all without loss of understanding or emotion. Bleak is still bleak, nuts is still nuts.

Speaking of nuts, Walker’s layouts and panels are just that … in a good way. We are talking slices of classic cosmic comic art here, with detail galore and dripping with alien creepiness and dread and bleakness and joy and every other emotion. Our boy Brad is finally coming into his own!

The surprises this issue are endless, including one that is most unexpected and I will not spoil. Chances are this may be a book you do not pick up. Take it from this reviewer: pick it up.

This Chapter 3 is the best of the chapters thus far in DC’s GL-franchisewide event.