Review: Green Lantern: New Guardians #23


Of all the Green Lantern books under the hands of new creators, as a fan I am finding Justin Jordan’s handling of Green Lantern: New Guardians the most, well, “cosmic”. Imagine the adventure he has charted: exploring the entirety of the outer space DCU along with “fresh” Guardians with White Lantern Kyle Rayner playing the role of Jiminy Cricket. (Think about it a moment and it will click.)

That said, I am enthused that the exploration actually began the chain of events that will lead to October’s Lights Out event. Understanding Relic’s motives come easy when seen from his perspective, the side Kyle has let us see. There is a type of remorse and caring we already have for this leviathan, whose power is on display in GLNG #23.

Jordan certainly has all his ducks in a row here, and balances out the awesome and the emotional with equal precision. Tiny moments are as important as galactic ones, and we remember these “lightsmiths” are for the most part mortal humans and aliens with weapons of great power. And how tragic was it that Relic flexes his muscle first among the lowest populated and least harmful: Saint Walker’s Blue Lantern Corps, a group powered by and representing the emotion of hope.

I love the way Carol Ferris is being utilized on this journey thus far, a focal point for Kyle’s humanity and, unlike Hal Jordan, she is quick-thinking without being reckless. Not that I want to see her every issue, but she is doing great duty here as Kyle’s cosmic journey begins.

And what can I say about CBN fan fave artist Brad Walker’s pencil work on this issue. He captures Jordan’s pace, the emotions (or lack thereof) on the characters’ faces, and his Relic is just simply awesome in the real meaning of that word. Combined with the inking of Andrew Hennessey and the colors of Wil Quintana, this may be the best-looking book on the shelves this week.

All said, this look at Relic flows very well and some questions are raised here that I hope will be answered in the Villians Month Relic one-shot.

Great reading experience!