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Review: Green Lantern Corps #9

Review: Green Lantern Corps #9

I will not lie: I have been ignoring Green Lantern Corps and its happenings to focus more on the buddy cop antics of Hal and Thaal in the keystone title of this franchise since the coming of the New 52, but it is nice to see things going here at such a grand pace and with so much action and good art.

GLC#9, in short, has Green Lantern John Stewart paying for past actions in the murder of Kirrt. While fellow Lantern Guy Gardner speaks in John’s defense, the Alpha Lanterns are having no part in it. I do not think it is too big a spoiler (see the cover solicitations) to tell you John is found guilty.

The issue is not so much about the trial as the man himself. John, even in his Cartoon Network depictions, has always been the soldier, the one ready for combat and to fight for what is right. Readers will recall Stewart killed in defense of the Corps in War of the Green Lanterns and was called “hero.” Here the same, and — well, not so much.

The decision by the Alpha Lanterns will no doubt blow the roof off Oa. (And we have the plotting Guardians and that Third Army thing to worry about as well.) It will be interesting to see where the ramifications of this issue go, as John faces his sentence like the honorable man he is.

As always, the Green Lantern books are gorgeous, and GLC#9 is no exception. The art by Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna delves deep into a man’s soul and reflects the emotions in Peter J. Tomasi’s gripping script. Kudos to colorist Gabe Eltaeb for a wonderfully brilliant palette for this occasion, and subtle tones for those darker moments.

I may have been gone from GLC for a time, but this might be a beginning on the road back. A fine, fine issue.