Review: Green Lantern #7


Although I did not mind last issue’s “fill-in” as much as some, it was a pleasure to see both Hal Jordan and the great Sinestro flowing from the beautiful pencils of Doug Mahnke and his army of inkers once again. And Green Lantern #7, even with that gorgeous cover, is more than just eye candy.

If you read this magazine and its fellows carefully, even before the coming of the “New 52,” you see Geoff Johns weaving a broad tapestry, picking up threads from here and there and then referring to stuff you know you have seen before but cannot remember where. That is what he has been doing all along, I believe, with the Indigo Tribe, their relationships to Abin Sur and to Sinestro, and also the Book of the Black.

Now how the Third Army and the First Lantern work into this is anyone’s guess, but I bet your bottom dollar that somewhere we have been told – we just do not know we have been told, lol. And that is comic book storytelling/reading of the finest kind.

I really did not expect Carol to get involved in this mess as Star Sapphire, and that does make the situation bad on the buddy-cop turf. As T.J. Hooker (or maybe Captain Kirk, but I doubt that) once said, “Dames don’t do well on these mean streets” — even if we are talking the vastness of outer space (which is where our hero and anti-hero belong, IMHO).

So anyway, despite a possible wiping out of old DCU continuity, Lantern Lore remains reverent to what happened before, at least as far as we have seen. No hours wasted in reading for GL fans!

And again, thanks to the fabulous art and coloring team, GL is the brightest and prettiest book on the block.

And so it should be!