Review: Green Lantern #65


"War of the Green Lanterns" started out with a bang – and never lets up.

In Green Lantern #65, part 4 to the "War of the Green Lanterns," Hal and Guy find themselves ring-less; however their lack of light doesn't put a damper on their desire to help their comrades as they will do what is necessary to save the Corps.

This issue is a rather quick read, but at times that is called for, as the previous (which was part 1) was jam-packed full of info. As we get more involved in the War, the action will intesify and that is just what we begin to see here. Hal and Guy make way to Oa, encounter and old friend and find their allies. This isn't a drawn out, over crowded publisher-wide spanning event, but a hard-hitting set of ten issues.

As each of the Corpsmen are ringless, just how are they going to combat Krona who now controls the Green Lantern energy? I should have said Green-ringless, as we see Hal has in his possession the answer. Now things will get interesting as each of them not only has to shoulder responsibility of saving the Corps, but dealing with their choices. Speaking of Hal and what's in his possession, I found it a testament to his character that he didn't choose to empower himself before conversing with the other Corps members. "War of the Green Lanterns" is a very character driven story, one which further develops each GL Corpsmen with every issue.

Mahnke's art is satisfactory; I'll be honest, it's not my favorite. At times it comes off really good, while others not so much. Manke's choice of Kilowog and Gardner in this issue I don't particularly agree with; however it doesn't ruin the book, not by any means. Mahnke does draw a great Hal Jordan with the full page spread and final page looking excellent. The colors are to be commended per the norm with this book; Randy Mayor gives GL the Lantern's light.

Note: This issue is a great lead in to "War of the Green Lanterns" part five (GLC #59 out now!) – there you find some heavy hitting action!

Cosmic space battles, aliens and earthmen – you can't go wrong with Green Lantern, as this book has it all.