Review: Green Lantern #5


After all these years cruising the spaceways, it is interesting to know just how much Hal Jordan does NOT know about the Green Lantern ring! Good thing we have former instructor (and nemesis) Sinestro present to inform us.

No joke, this “buddy cop” relationship writer Geoff Johns is building between Hal and Thaal is so cool on one hand and so seriously intriguing on the other that each time Sinestro surprises Hal (and us) with a new use for the ring – turning their forms black for camouflage, controlling one’s lantern from inside a prison (kinda like Jeannie used to do with her bottle, if that is not aging me, lol) – it just adds to the great character that is Sinestro.

I always thought it would be interesting to follow an alien GL through their adventures, that making the series even more cosmic than it already was. And as others have stated, these adventures need all not be world- or galaxy-threatening “events” like War of the Green Lanterns. No, smaller concerns (like Kuragor) and character-driven space operas are all welcome fare.

Unlike the current brain trust at the House of Ideas, which believes any story must be Earth-centric to matter and thus consigns a great cast of cosmic characters to story limbo, the New 52 – and especially Green Lantern and Stormwatch – have proven that cosmic can not only sell, but it can OUTsell — as well as making readers happy, satisfied — and interested!

Kudos to artist Doug Mahnke, his legion of inkers and colorists for turning in what may just be the most beautiful book of the current creative team’s run, and certainly of the DCnU five issues. The intense moments between Sinestro and his people, the sweet moment between Hal and Carol, the cosmic moments involving Oa, the Sinestro Corps and the great Yellow Battery – superb!

Other readers may wait and pray and take hints too vague to mean anything from comic publishers about their favorite characters. As for this reviewer, Make Mine New 52!