Review: Green Lantern #4



Well, despite the end of our last issue, Geoff Johns’ cosmic buddy cop comic book continues at a frantic pace in Green Lantern #4 with both Sinestro and, yes Virginia, Hal Jordan getting equal treatments as they endeavor to save Korugar from those yeller dogs, the Sinestro Corps.

There is quite a bit of reflection on Sinestro’s past hinting at more to come, and that is always a good thing for this complex Lantern. Issue after issue since the coming of the New 52 we can see how proficient Sinestro is in his use of the power ring and how much more of a cosmic hero he could have been had he not fallen victim to his own nature. We also see that the “greatest” Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, still has a thing or two he could’ve learned from his former trainer. And then some!

Some amazing art on the part of Mahnke, Alamy and Champagne this go-round, making Green Lantern still the most cosmic and most beautiful book on the stands, bar none. The scenes of Sinestro in shackles (twice in only four issues?) and his intense pain, and of him manufacturing dozens of his own power rings for the captive residents of Korugar would make anyone great wallpaper!

As we make our way to the conclusion of the “Sinestro” arc, I am in hopes this buddy cop format with Hal and Sinestro, this ying and yang, may continue as they roam the DCU and discover cosmic mysteries together.

It is also this reviewer’s hope we take a rest or two from the other-hued ring bearers and the coming Third Army to see and face some other races and regions in this big universe – and others! That said, I am still excited about Johns’ coming Indigo arc. It has been too long.

So keep the great characterization and pretty pictures coming. I am definitely along for the long haul. And bring back the GL letters page!