Review: Green Lantern #28 (Venditti)/Red Lanterns #28 Flip Book


Two comics for the price of one!

It’s time for the vaunted Green Lantern #28/Red Lanterns #28 flip issue, and I am glad to report – both as a commercial device and as a storytelling mechanism – the flip book is a complete success. And what we should be looking for in comics: fun!

In Green Lantern #28, the mystery of Supergirl as a Red Lantern begins. The fact that we do not discover the answers here in these two issues but in the upcoming Supergirl #28 does nothing to spoil the fun of a Kryptonian with a red rage ring, nor does it harm writer/franchise planner Robert Venditti’s beautiful action yarn here.

Let’s face it, not many folk are hip to the Green Lantern Corps these days across the space sectors, including many of the Lanterns themselves. Robbed of the guilt-free feeling of using the light to enforce crime across the galaxies, some Lanterns cannot justify killing the universe’s future for a little justice, and this is exactly the wonderful status quo that Venditti has brought to the franchise across the board.

From deep space to Mogo environs, there is plenty of action here for the great art of Billy Tan. You have never seen Kara Zor-El so savage, nor Hal Jordan quite as confused. I really do not feel that sorry for Hal, he has reaped what he has sewn, but Tan makes him sulk like the little boy who just got caught playing a prank on the teacher. Ya gotta love them facial expressions!


Here is more of the new status quo as the Red Lanterns take over responsibility for Sector 2814, which includes our own Earth! Imagine Guy Gardner leading the Reds in our protection, and you can see why the objections of some (no spoilers here, just review) do not ring exactly as hollow as Hal would have us believe.

Kara’s mystery continues here, with some pleasant surprises and some fine action although no real answers (again, in Supergirl).

Red Lanterns#28 continues writer Charles Soule’s wonderful transformation of this group from dire villains and then anti-heroes into a Corps that I can not only understand and back, but perhaps actually cheer for eventually. All it took was a complete overhaul and the addition of Guy and a conscious crew, if you will.

I am still not a fan of Alessandro Vitti’s art here; just seems out of place and not on spot with Soule’s script. I am trying. And for Pete’s sake, colorist Gabe Eltaeb, I know the chief hue is red here but between the Lanterns and Supergirl’s eye beams, I feel like I have redeye and I have not even been on a plane! A little down toning, please.

All in all, a successful experiment which I would welcome again. Chief beneft? I saved three bucks!