Review: Green Lantern #20


Geoff Johns goes out on a high note with Green Lantern #20, the scribe’s last issue of the DC Comics GL mythos. With well over a 100 issues and almost 10 years, the name Geoff Johns has become synonymous with the Light.

The oversized anniversary issue contains something for everyone, old and new readers alike. We are witness to the story of Hal Jordan’s births and rebirths as Johns takes us on a cosmic journey from start to finish – and even what’s to come.

This issue wraps the “Wrath of the First Lantern” storyline explaining in the process just why the the men of Earth have been so important to Green Lantern all along. Fans of the various Green Lantern storylines are given a perhaps last taste of their past favorite events as we are witness to various major characters reappearing.

As the issue is Johns’ grand finale, many questions are answered, but at the same time Johns leaves us with new mysteries, mysteries that may play out soon enough in John’s further writings in Justice League and the upcoming Trinity War.

Green Lantern #20 is an epic conclusion to the Geoff Johns GL universe, described as a bookend within the comic, and we are even treated to the future of our favorite Lanterns.

While epic in scope, the book is not without its faults as the ending pages could be looked at as overly melodramatic; however, books can be rewritten, and in addition, it is Johns’ last, so perhaps we can let the author share with us his final thoughts. There’s also a bit of hokey dialogue throughout, but it hardly detracted from the story, and the art felt average at times as well.

Nitpicking aside, Green Lantern #20 is still a spectacular issue and well worth the $7.99 price tag, of which, includes a send-off from various film and comic book creators thanking Johns for a job well done.

And I would like to add to that, too.

Thanks, Geoff. It’s been fun.