Review: Green Lantern #11


Nok nok.

Who’s there?

Why, it is Hal Jordan, the real Green Lantern, supposed subject of this book, and he is large and back in charge.

Since last issue – obviously the reason for the lateness of the book, important business – the Indigo Tribe has kind of turned the tables on Sinestro. Although they did release him from their “spell” so that he can find redemption, he is in Hal’s charge instead of the other way around and the Terran Lantern has a ring with a bit more punch! The whole thing puts a new synergy on the buddy cop dynamic we have been floating with since issue #1 of the New 52.

This book continues the story of the escaped Black Hand and his desire to kill everyone and everything so he can then have them rise from the dead and join him. Writer Geoff Johns gives us a sample herein as Black Hand enjoys a most bizarre family reunion.

The scope of this saga thus far is really cosmic. We tread from Nok to Earth to Korugar to a dark corner of the universe where the Guardians are trying to play puppet master. We get a great view of Sinestro’s “Batcave” courtesy of the imagination of artist Doug Mahnke and his army of inkers and colorists. Who knew the villain even had one? From there, the Lanterns enter the Book of the Black and there is a great page of revelations here that sort of brings together many seeds that Johns has planted in the past. (I still have not deduced them all, but that is the fun of this revelation.)

Despite the number of hands involved here, the art on this book is seamless and never fails to please me. And here especially, with so many locale hops, the mood changes from Nok to Earth to Korugar as required by Johns’ intricate script.

Best line: Sinestro tells Jordan a joke but will not admit it!

If you like cosmic or creepy, Green Lantern #11 has both in ample supply.