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Review: Geen Lantern Corps #58

Review: Geen Lantern Corps #58

pic Writer: Tony Bedard

Pencils: Tyler Kirkham

Inks: BATT w/Rob Hunter

Colors: Nei Ruffino

Letters: Steve Wands

Covers: Tyler Kirkham & BATT, w/Nei Ruffino

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: March 23rd, 2011

Price: $2.99


I found Green Lantern Corps #58 to be underwhelming both in writing and in art compared to previous issues and to the first part of the “War of the Green Lanterns” that we saw with Green Lantern #64.

While GL #64 saw the previous year’s worth of storylines come to a head making for an engrossing read, GLC #58 seemed to breeze by. I suppose it read more as a “jumping on point” for new readers to the Corps, however I would argue GL #64 (and GL #63) gave us enough background that this title should have further progressed the storyline. Instead, it stalled.

The issue begins with a recap of both Kyle Rayner and John Stewart’s origins, then proceeds to recount what we just read in Part 1 – with page after page after page of Parallax being restored as an impurity to the Green Lantern Battery and how it effects the various Lanterns. While GL #64 gave us 22 pages of all-out action and a thorough story, GLC gave us mostly large paneled splash pages of nothing – and 20 pages to boot. The issue could really be skipped in its entirety and you wouldn’t miss a beat; not a good start and not good for being part two.

I’ve seen better art from Tyler Kirkham, as well, who is in fact becoming one of my favorite artists. However, the facial depictions of the human characters seemed to give Kirkham a bit of trouble – I didn’t even recognize that to be Rayner in the first page. Likewise, the shots with Jon Stewart looked unfinished; however, as the issue progressed and we saw more of the aliens or the various characters with their masks – the art looked great.

Once Rayner and Stewart began to battle with each other, and I realized what caused it, I quickly wanted that to be resolved – it just goes on too long. Furthermore, it was very predictable, there was really not any tension – as you figured nothing would come of it — and nothing really did.

This is my first issue of GLC that I have been disappointed with in quite a while. I hope that everything doesn’t take place within the main Green Lantern title finding Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern Emerald Warriors taking a back-seat. I’ll let you know next week, as Part 3 hits in GLEW #8.