Review: FF #7


*Warning: Spoilers*


This one poses as a conundrum for me.

On one hand, you have Mr. Hickman who basically wipes out the entire War of Kings saga in a few pages (wonder what DnA think about that?), in addition to the FF not showing face — once again.

On the other, an interesting and intriguing foundation has been set with a returning King Black Bolt who has "awakened (!)," not to mention, also "summoned."

And all this is leading to a major battle that sees the Kree and Ronan in battle (again?!) with the Inhumans — with the FF certainly thrown in somewhere (right?).

Being a Marvel Cosmic fan these days is difficult, as it is basically a "take what we give you" mentality coming out of Marvel ED. With the previous regime seemingly wiped under the rug, Marvel is definitely taking their cosmic oriented stories in a new direction. 

This issues sees Black Bolt, who was responsible for creating The Fault, and is trapped therein, that led to the Cancerverse, Realm of Kings, The Thanos Imperative, also the "death" of our beloved Nova and Star-Lord, seemingly escape in a matter of four or five pages. I suppose it could be argued that time in The Fault is off compared to our own, but this came across as too fast and too darn convenient. BB blasts a big monster, flies out of The Fault and is found by Lockjaw, who teleports his master back home.

For the sake of the story, I suppose? However, a separate "Return of the King" mini might have worked better? 

From there, Black Bolt immediately returns the Kree to Ronan and heads back to Earth. As I said, essentially wiping out everything built up in the hit series that saw the Inhumans take on the Shi'ar with War of Kings.

Interesting enough, Mr. Hickman also chooses to leave Crystal behind with Ronan. This being the FF, Crystal and the recently "deceased" Johnny Storm were once involved. Maybe we'll get more on that later. Speaking of The Accuser, we learn that he holds the Supremor Seed within his hammer, which I am to take will lead to a new Supreme Intelligence – who happened to meet his demise in…Annihilation: Conquest. Imagine that! (The SI from Dark/New Avengers was from Noh-Varr's universe, correct?)

However, the second half of the story gets much better as Black Bolt unleashes his inner fury upon the groveling Kree, takes his people back to Earth, and meets up with the Universal Inhumans. What I find particularly interesting about the UIs is the fact that Black Bolt attempted to turn all of the galaxy into Inhumans during War of Kings, and now, discovers that the Kree have created "Inhumans" from other races – with new "consorts" for the King to boot! What?! No reaction from Medusa?!

Tocchini's art, once again, was not my cup o'joe. It worked at times, but when the faces appear to be melting off the page, I just say no. Tocchini did have an epic and grand feel about the art, which mirrored the story, but the facial depictions were particular out of focus. Let's just agree it takes some time getting used to.

My curiosity as to where Mr. Hickman is going with FF has overtaken my criticisms, so as of now I am still onboard. With Ronan and the Kree taking part in subsequent issues, coupled with their troubled history, I think it is going to be good. Definitely cosmic!

Regarding Marvel Cosmic past, I suppose when you are a grand architect of the Marvel Universe, all bow down to your demands, eh?