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Review: FF #4

All I can say after reading FF #4 is thank goodness those Old Atlanteans called Sue! Otherwise, the snoozefest that is becoming Jonathan Hickman’s FF would have had to be dusted off every other page.

Now really, I love the occasional non-action issue, even two as I have tried to be patient here. I love the voice these characters have, and I think this supporting cast has so much potential for future stories. The gathering of villains I applaud; real FF alumni, including Mole Man in the final panels. But it has gotten so boring, Dragon Man has given up fisticuffs and the mighty-muscled Thing is taking a break from the Baxter Building.

Soon, Billie Lumpkin’s mail delivery will be greeted with applause as the action of the issue. Yeesh!

Now that said, there are many good things about FF #4: As I have said, some moments have a real Lee/Kirby feel, such as the group’s quasi-comic realization that when Reed confronts an insurmountable problem he always builds a machine! The Wizard clone known as Bentley has a priceless scene with Ben. And Alex got to use his powers in this issue! Never thought I would see it, the way things have been going.

I have been hearing for sometime that a war is coming, but if the Axis and Allied Powers had spent as much time on prep as Fantastic Four/FF seems to be doing, both McArthur and Hitler would’ve been long dead before the first tanks rolled out!

Despite the absence of Steve Epting, the art under Barry Kitson was top-notch. Ben seldom looked better, and there were great facial reactions among the Bendis-heads as they met around the Doomsday table.

The atmosphere is right, the art is great. We just need some story (and action) to attach to this along the way.

Mr. Hickman?