Review: FF #1



Writer: Jonathan Hickman         

Penciler: Steve Epting     

Inker: Epting & Magyar

Letterer: VC’s Rus Wooton

Colorist: Paul Mounts

Publisher: Marvel

Release Date: March 23rd, 2011


There is a Stan Lee feel to FF #1.

Oh, not so much the hyper-promoter of the Bullpen Bulletin, or the bombastic wordsmith of the many adjectives and adverbs, but the character-driven Man, the writer who made his books stand out above a “Distinguished Competition” because his characters were on, as they used to say in the Star Trek films, a “human adventure.”

One can argue there is not much action in FF #1, this relaunch of the company’s half-century-old flagship title, and there is a case to be made for that. But does there really need to be?

FF #1 is about, as Reed says, tomorrow. A tomorrow today. A today without a Human Torch, a vacant place at the “family” dinner table, a missing best friend and silence where once there was raucous argument and laughter. It is about old friends (Spidey joins the team – Logan, eat your heart out! – at the insistence of the late Johnny Storm), new concepts, a character feel … a family.

I welcome all the new young characters Reed has slowly been gathering about the BaxterBuilding, including Dragon-Man! It was one of my favorite things about X-Factor when it starred the original X-Men (remember the guest list, some of the same: Artie, Leech, et al?)

Our appetites have been whetted for some time on the War of Four Cities, and it is obvious with Sue’s current position in Old Atlantis and all these characters in the Future Foundation there is gonna be lots of personal impact on someone when this finally gets going.

We knew by the drawings on Val’s wall that Doctor Doom would sometime show his metal puss, but it was still a shock – at least to me – on this issue’s final page.

And I am glad we will be addressing the Wizard and his claim to his clone. That in itself should be interesting.

This first issue of FF has returned me to the Fantastic Four (for lack of a better term) “family,” and I hope to stay for a good long while. Things were dragging a bit when last I left the Baxter Building. This slow pace is good for a beginning, but action is a necessity of the genre.

We want war! (lol)

It will be a ball seeing Spidey and Ben together – now on two teams!