Review: Fear Itself #5 (of 7)


The only thing we have to fear — is that Fear Itself will see the end to all our beloved heroes!

As you would expect from the ending of last issue, Fear Itself #5 is a brutal action packed fisticuff of non-stop action! Iron Man, Captain America and the Mighty Thor are mankind's last best hope against the sting of The Serpent. Each of the Assemblers faces an adversary they have faced before — but not like this! The venom running through the veins of the likes of Sin, The Thing, The Incredible Hulk – and even Iron Man (remember last issue?!) – is something that has transformed each beyond our heroes deepest fears!

A battle of the gods is what is witnessed when the three hammer wielding brutes meet. A battle that leaves blood spilled, heroes transformed and even possibly buried. Yet, amid all the carnage and ruin lies a vessel of hope – and it's fantastic! One will be proclaimed the victor, but at an expense that just might cost the human race everything.

With the very foundations of the world crumbling around him, the red white and blue still flies high — and the colors worn proud. There is no fear in this man as he not only takes on the daughter of his most infamous adversary, but the newly crowned Serpent King himself! While a soldier does everything in his power to remain super, the might that is the brother of Odin is unleashed — with nothing able to withstand! Nothing!

As Thor and Captain America are battling for their lives, another is campaigning for the means at a chance for survival; however, small that may be. The man with the iron will does not bend in front of omniscience — but only ask to do what he does and knows best: War.

This issue saw Fraction focus on the main characters, and he could not have done a better job, as this read as if a complete story. It didn't have that spread out, almost empty feel, of some previous Fear Itself issues. And the characters that were supporting, were included just enough to further the tale, without leave one guessing. Likewise, Immonen provided a stable job at the art chores, bringing an epic quality to the issue, one that exemplifies what fear really is.

Heroes will be broken and lives forever shattered, the Marvel Universe will never be the same! Fear Itself #5 fills your needs for pulse-pounding action and an overall great read.

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