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Review: Farscape #23

It looks like the end is in sight. Part 11 of the long-building, and long-running, story of the Kkore’s invasion of the Uncharted territories starts with a whisper (no, not a typo and not a whimper) and ends with a bang. Both literally.

Last issue, after nigh-endless debate the assembled leaders of the resistance came up with a seemingly crazy idea on how to stop the Kkore. Now, it is implemented.

The issue begins with scene after scene of various races praying to their various deities. We gain a bit of insight into species we’ve previously only seen in passing, or only as antagonists to the crew of Moya. The paragraphs about these alien religions are somewhat interesting, but quickly seem to be simply filling space. Don’t get me wrong, the power of prayer as the ultimate weapon has some intriguing possibilities, but here it was used as padding in a sequence that could have (and probably should have) been much shorter.

Following this up is a lengthy, and again extraneous, sequence of space travel as the Kkore race to the final show down. While the chance to blow our minds with some nice visuals and interesting space craft designs must have been hard to pass up, it simply didn’t need to take four full pages.

While it started off strong, “the War for the Uncharted Territories” has had more lows than highs and this issue was a striking example of that. What could have been an opportunity to mix additional background information on rarely-seen groups with some rip-roarin’ space battle, it ended up about half of the story it could be. The last panel of the book promises the next issue to be the conclusion, and I have to say I am looking forward to it. Perhaps that issue will redeem the entire storyline, perhaps not. Either way, I’m ready for something new.