Review: Farscape #22


Unless this is your first rodeo, as Crichton might say, you know by now that the last year of Farscape-related comics have told the story of an enigmatic alien race known as the Kkore’s invasion of known space, attempting to create a story on the level of the greatest space operas (though not always making it to that exalted level).

Like last issue, this was another group of talking heads. Other than a few tidbits of interesting history on how the Delvians evolved from a group of Kkore refugees trapped in this reality, most of the issue is spent in discussion on what to do about the Kkore, regardless of their history. A solution is hit upon, and a snag immediately brought up then nearly as quickly overcome (potentially) with a patented outside-the-box idea from John Crichton. In the midst of this, a few reunions took place (Rigel and Pilot, Pilot/Chiana/Rigel) and Scorpius, unsurprisingly, took his leave of the resistance alliance. Where he is going was not even hinted at, but I doubt (as Rigel suggests) that he is simply fleeing for his life.

As last issue, my expectations weren’t met. I can tolerate issues like this sprinkled throughout the larger narrative, as they can serve as important bridges in the storytelling process, but throughout the life of this series they have far outweighed the number of truly interesting or exciting issues. A balance between action and exposition needs to be struck in a sci-fi book like this, and it just isn’t being done. I’m a tremendous fan of Farscape, right from the original television series’ pilot episode, but my fanboy cravings aren’t being satisfied by this book.

The one saving grace for this issue was the beautiful cover by Joe Corroney. His covers for this series have, by and large, been wonderful but this issue's is simply striking.