Review: Fantastic Four #602


The only possible way this issue could have been any better would have been the inclusion of the Marvel Cosmic stable of characters from the last few years.

Alas, they are missed!

Cosmic fans can still get their fill though, as Hickman and Kitson provide more than enough space-faring adventure! 


*Warning: Spoilers*


The Kree are knocking on the door step of Earth’s last defense in an attempt to annihilate the Inhumans. Doing so could be the end of us all! The Avengers have assembled and are providing as much assistance as is humanly possible on the ground. As the events of Fantastic Four #600 saw the return of Johnny Storm from the Negative Zone, not only did he bring with him a new pet in the form of Annihilus, but the Human Torch brought the entire might of the Annihilation Wave! And with the flag ship, Pestilence, the Fantastic Four is Earth’s last best hope!

As the Pestilence meets the Kree armada head on, the destruction is threatening every man, woman and child on Earth. This is where our Assemblers come in to lend a hand; however, they can’t keep it up for long and tell Mr. Fantastic if he is going to do something – do it now! Reed Richards and family also have their hands full as the Pestilence is being boarded by the Kree sentries. Against overwhelming odds the FF fight on for their very survival, for the very survival of the human race! The Ever Lovin‘ Blue Eyed Thing doesn’t hold back and swings for the fences! Likewise, with a simple raise of his newly acquired Annihilation-formed arm, the Human Torch incinerates those that would stand in his way! Sue Storm has had enough as well, and with but a thought — the squad of Kree are no more!

Now is the time to shine Reed!

Even with the mighty Avengers, even with the forces of the Annihilation wave to assist, the Fantastic Four will still not succeed. Reed Richards needs to call upon a saving grace, a last ditch effort to rectify the situation! Quasar and his Annihilators are nowhere to be found. In truth, their combined might would not have been enough to turn the tide! Likewise, the Sentinel of the Spaceways is not available as his journey lies elsewhere – yet again!

Again, referencing Fantastic Four #600, Jonathan Hickman provides us readers the answer! With that, Reed raises his arm and unleashes the Arc!

No human on earth, no being in the Universe would stand a chance to stop the battle from reigning utter annilation on all! No being of this Universe that is!

The World Devourer has answered the call! Reed Richard has summoned forth the Destroyer of Worlds!


The god of oblivion questions Reed as to the reason for this summoning, with the world’s smartest man replying that this is the right time! However, Galactus dismisses that notion. Still, the Monster of Worlds senses something is amiss, something is not right, some things are coming! Galactus realizes the situation will soon become dire, more so than it already is — if you can fathom that, true believers! — and agrees to take out the Kree!

Nega Bombs!

The Kree unleash everything they have upon Galactus in the hopes that they can reach their final target – the Inhumans!

As Galactus is the force behind the Power Cosmic, as he is the creator of the all powerful Heralds, the Kree’s Nega Bombs are no match for that which is Galactus!

Suddenly, there is a bright flash, and all is at a stand still. Black Bolt, the King of the Inhumans, is joined by the Kree as well as the Fantastic Four, as they all stand in awe  — of the Celestials!

This is what Galactus has come for!!

Fantastic Four #602 is what cosmic comic books are all about! Epic story writing, spectacular art coupled with universe-shattering events!