Review: Detective Comics #10


It has been a while since I have read a solo Bat-comic, but the outstanding tales of Tony Daniel that I have skimmed in my LCS since September 2011 (shame on me!) have finally hooked me. I had to pick up this week’s Detective Comics #10.

The venerable title, after which the comic firm is named, has a long and glorious history, with me as well, way back into the 1960s and 1970s. These were always some of the best of the Bat-tales, using the masked man’s main “power” – that of the greatest detective in the world – to ultimate use.

And so Daniel has done with the aid of artists Ed Benes and Rob Hunter in Detective Comics #10. The mag focuses on Batman as the caped crusader must defend Wayne Enterprises from espionage — and himself when the menace of — Hypnotic!

Next to Spider-Man, Batman has one of the most fun and famous Rogue’s Galleries in comics history, so it is nice to see Bats tangling with a foe that is little known (at least by me, but that wouldn’t be hard). The issue is crammed full of the noir that follows Batman wherever he appears (even in Justice League!) and the mystery is a fine one.

Kudos to Mr. Daniel for emphasizing this most important aspect of Batman and making issue #10 so easy for a new reader to jump on, even as Gotham is falling down around us!

If you have wanted to join the Bat-mania, Detective Comics #10 is as good a place as any!