Review: DC Comics: The New 52 #1 (FCBD)


At last! The story of Pandora, who turns out to be — well, Pandora. You know, the one who opened the box in legend.

That box is now back in her possession with the coming of DC: The New 52 book for Free Comic Book Day, and as well we know a little bit about her past and the pasts of venerable DC characters Question and Phantom Stranger as well.

This adventure really gives us some background and insight into the hints that Justice League writer Geoff Johns has been dropping since September. Colonel Steve Trevor is BMOC hereabouts, as liaison to the League. He also has many worries of his own, as this publication shows well.

In continuity, the story takes place after the last Justice League issue and, I would wager, before the next, so kudos on great continuity, something Marvel (who invented it) does not seem to fret over anymore. (We miss you, Mark Gruenwald.)

The saga herein is Pandora’s search for the box, its capture and threads leading to what will be on the New 52 menu next year: The Trinity War! And there are some fine hints here also about Justice League stories to come, as well as its connection to its backup, Shazam.

Of course the icing on the cake is the great gate inside by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. I would say “worth the price of admission,” but since the issue is free I will say “more than worth the price of admission,” lol.

Hope you caught this, because it will explain so much as the World’s Greatest Heroes go into 2013. Thanks, DC!

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