Review: Conan the Barbarian #2


After a stellar debut issue, Wood and Cloonan continue their new take on the famous barbarian in issue #2.  

This second installment of the Queen of the Black Coast storyline is just pure action from start to finish all while continuing to establish this age old character for old and new readers.
Cloonan’s visual storytelling is brought to the forefront in this issue. The majority of this book could have been told silently thanks to her action packed visuals and character expressions. The reader feels every moment of the action through her art. Panel after panel, every punch, slice and stab are gracefully rendered. Every pencil stroke seemlessly delivers the emotions of Conan and his victims. And at the end of all of this, we all know one thing–.Conan is one bad mother!!
Woods sparse, but perfectly timed narration could also simply stand by itself. The narration verbally paints the picture of both character and action. If presented via spoken word the listener would not have an issue visualizing the story in their mind’s eye as Conan battles Belit’s crew. 
But, as opposed to standing alone, we are treated to a masterful example of writer and artist blending perfectly together to present the reader with this action packed ballet of blood.  
This book should not be missed. And with the surprise ending, issue #3 can’t come soon enough.