Review: Comic Book Men: Season 1: Episode 5: Con Gone Wrong


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:872:]]Welcome Back Cosmic Book Men!

Back for Episode #5! Will the Jersey Boys continue the momentum from episode #4, or did I lose 2 hours of my life today?

It’s Con time folks! Not San Diego,… it’s Jersey…. at an Elks lodge. I have to say, I took a walk down memory lane on this set of segments….as I can remember setting up a table at the local Polish Falcon’s Club myself. OH the memories..and the BO. The boys pack up the mini-van and head out for the con. Road trip! Some typical comic conversation and debate ensues on the way and we finally arrive…but….unknown to the guys, the show’s been canceled. Ultimate anticipation, but horrible disappointment…kinda like the first three episodes.

Time for Plan B, local garage sale’n. Our heroes find a big stack of some old 12 cent comics, a hand full of old Mego dolls and some knick-knacks that Bryan picks up. Nice finds! Back at the Stash, and Enter the Bruce. Walt has him in to check out the box of garage sale treasures and we bear witness to a big rarity…..Bryan Johnson speechless. Why you say? Because the Frankenstein bike decoration he purchased is the best find of the day. Rob Bruce empties his pockets for the insanely rare find and we wrap up this weeks episode.

The Pawn Stars segments in the Stash weren’t as strong as past episodes, but the theme of rare and unusual was pretty Geek educational albeit a bit dainty.

Not as strong as an episode as four, but my personal favorite so far. This episode was really grounded in what I was hoping for at the beginning of this series. We get a true glimpse into the hobby culture via these four relatable guys. I really connected with this episode because I’ve literally had my own personal version of this episode back in the day.   Relatable, enjoyable and entertaining. The shows finally hit its stride and stopped Con-ing us out of our time.

We’ll be back for next week for the season finale!