Review: Captain Ms. Marvel #16 (Infinity)


This issue had everything going for it: Ms. Marvel is using her Binary powers to kick some butt; however, The Builder’s forces overwhelm her, and the Avengers are taken captive. She comes up with a plan to get back at the Builders at the cost of their own lives, tells Hawkeye to stuff it and remarks he has no powers in space (why is he even out there? loved it!). Spider-Woman is then introduced and the issue completely falls apart. To add to that if you read Infinity #3 you know how Avengers Assemble #16 is going to go (even ends the same) which makes this for  – another – waste of an issue.

So far, except for the Hickman written Avengers and New Avengers Infinity tie-ins, the related Infinity books have been complete disasters.

I’m guessing Kelly Sue DeConnick and Jen Van Meter’s had their hands tied because of what Hickman was doing with Infinity. Avengers Assemble #16 has some great build up, but then ends with the events seen in Infinity #3, but with added Ms. Marvel/Spider-Woman cattiness. Opportunity was lost as Marvel could have gone the way of having Carol make the save. Instead of the characters coming over from Infinity #3, Ms. Marvel and crew could have saved themselves and then showed face in the Infinity event. 

The art was good; it had a gritty and bright feel, which is what we want from any space-based book. No complaints there.

There are only one or two issues left of Ms. Marvel before it looks as if the character gets another reboot. I sure wish some other characters received as much attention as this one.