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Review: Brightest Day #23

The penultimate issue of Brightest Day is here — and it's a blast!

With Brightest Day #23, the tale of the White Lantern finally comes together, and all is revealed. Per the cover, our deceased heroes return, however, not alone as — some-things return with them!

The build-up leading to these last couple issues has been tremendous. The White Lantern's motivations are questionable at best; certainly manipulating those it raised, it's purpose unknown — until now. The White Lantern's decisions can be not only forgiven — but applauded! With time of the essence, the Lantern had to set into motion that which would save the world — if not the Universe! The heroes had to be guided to their due course – a course, which will shake the very foundations of life and death — even more so than we have seen up to this point! Sacrifices had to be made and lives changed — all leading to the final issue!

Johns and Tomasi give us a tense and dramatic issue filled with surprising twists and shocking revelations. The issue continues where we left off with Firestorm and Deadman. There is panic in the streets, in the world and among the heroes. As the issue progresses – hope returns, only to be turned upside down – then right-side up! Fantastic!

Reis and Prado are just as spectacular, and both are going to be on the new Aquaman — what a treat we are in for! Speaking of deliciousness, this issue is filled with such goodies. The two-page spread is a sight to see; each full page depiction is awe-inspiring and the final page is both jaw-dropping — and hair-raising!

Brightest Day #23 is one issue you will not want to miss. Be sure to pick this one up!