Review: The Black Bat #1



A little bit Batman, a little bit Daredevil. Yet the character is older than either.

After learning the background of the great pulp hero Black Bat, it is hard to believe Bob Kane and Stan the Man were not influenced by this creation of the Doc Savage era.

Brian Buccellato and Ronan Cliquet breathe new life into a hero whose legend is virtually unknown these days, putting a modern twist on this street level crime fighter.

The first pages of Black Bat #1 bring us directly into the alleyways with the man of mystery, Cliquet and colorist Mat Lopes creating the shadows and dark environs reflecting Buccellato’s excellently noir script.

We are introduced to the man behind the mask, Tony Quinn, a morally bankrupt defense attorney for the mob who gets in too deep with his murderous clients and is almost killed.

When given a second chance at life, Quinn tries to set aright all the wrongs he has committed. His big problem is drawing the line between justice and revenge.

There are other juicy secrets you will discover about Quinn and his world, and this is a #1 definitely worth the read.

Dynamite has brought an old property out of moth balls and grandly refurbished it for a modern world. Just excellent.