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Review: Birds of Prey #9

The Night of the Owls arrives in Birds of Prey this week and is greeted by the fine art of newbie (at least to these pages) Travel Foreman.

And somehow, dealing with the threat of this Talon as the artist and writer Duan Swierczynski do, it seems to set the mood for what is one fantastic issue of this all-female fighting group.

Foreman and Jeff Huet add a very surreal atmosphere to this tie-in, harkening back in this reviewer’s mind to the rich and swirling background of Gene Colan and Tom Palmer’s issues of Dr. Strange and Tomb of Dracula. You feel the power of the Talon, you experience the sonic scream of Black Canary, every fold and reflection are accounted for. Makes me wish I had read Animal Man.

Since the relaunch in September, this is one of the few New 52 books that has seemed to be fun for readers month after month. I did not know how the stylized art of Foreman would work in Swierczynski’s world, but it seems this low-powered but never-say-die gang of super-babes will conquer after all.

If Birds of Prey #9 is any sign, this book is in fine, fine hands. A pleasure to read — and read again.