Review: Avenging Spider-Man #2


Not sure what more can be said about the Avenging Spider-Man.

I mean, Madureira's art is frickin' insanely gorgeous, and paired along side Zeb Wells' spot on characterization of Spidey, Rulk and J. Jonah Jameson, it's just a delight to read.

Last issue saw the Moloids venture up to NYC to kidnap its resident mayor, one J. Jonah Jameson. In the process, a couple Avengers took notice, one big arse Red Hulk and one wise-cracking Spider-Man. The end saw that the Mole Man had been dethroned and replaced by a new King of Subterranea  – an insanely freakish brute with a bad attitude. 

This issue sees more of the same as Spidey and Co. investigate just what the sam heck is going on. Why exactly was Jameson taken against his will? And will his bold stubborn behavior be the cause of all out war?! It is Jonah after all!

The issue ends with another cliff-hanger, that I am not going to spoil, but I'll tease that there is only room for one head honcho in not only Subterranea – but the world! Bear in mind just about everyone involved, 'cept for Spidey, wants to play King of the Mountain!

Good issue. Lots of fun. Great art.

Wish more were like this.

Comes with a free digital issue coupon code that you can give out to your non-Avenging Spidey reading pal as well.