Review #2: Avengers Assemble #1


Let’s face it: Avengers Assemble #1 is an attempt for Marvel Comics to cash in on its upcoming movie of the (sorta) same title. The remains of Stan’s Bullpen must’ve gone bonkers when it realized there were far less Avengers product out there than the X-books which are still leaching off the popularity of the mutants in the 1970s.

So here comes Avengers Assemble, an in-continuity book that just happens to star the same characters as are in the coming movie. It also happens to feature the reunion of creative team Brian Michael Bendis (he’s going for the gold before departing, folks!) and Mark Bagley. And it will be on stands for newbies coming out of theatres to drool and dribble over.

But since it IS in continuity and part of our beloved Marvel U., what does that mean for the rest of us as far as this adventure is concerned? Well, sadly — not much.

Oh, we do get some action and a fairly menacing new incarnation of the Zodiac, villains I have been waiting for Bendis to resurrect for a long time (so he has to do it on his way out??). BUT – it does read and, unfortunately for Bagley aficionados, look like a comic book put together as an accompaniment to the movie.

Nothing against the, er uh, Avengers assembled. I like the idea of a team with Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye and his former lover, the Black Widow. But the Hulk? And seemingly the “Hulk Smash!” jade giant of the Thomas/Trimpe era?


Take it from this reviewer: spend your four bucks elsewhere this week.

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