Review: Avengers #7


Avengers #7 lets scribe Jonathan Hickman continue his incredibly cosmic saga as the “big” threats of the 616 — and in this case other universes as well– keep bringing themselves to Avengers Tower and our expanded team.

We have a great mix of Assemblers this time around. It always helps to have a Hawkeye or Spider-Man around to crack wise while Stark, Banner, Captain Universe and the newest Nightmask wax philosophic, speak cosmically about broken systems, and discuss the End of Times like fashion at a tea party.

And you know something? It works!

Everything seems connected or promises in the future to to connect, and that is the sort of book I love. Growing up on Claremont and Thomas, I am a sucker for subplots. But these being thrown out by Hickman actually promise to be resolved or explained before I am eligible for Medicare. And that is not nearly as many years sway as it was in the 1970s!

The rotation of artists has been excellent from the get-go. After seeing a plethora of Avengers covers on his blog, it is nice to see Dustin Weaver handling some interiors. And they are just as beautiful as I imagined they would be. You are a very talented gent, Mr. Weaver.

Of course, Justin Ponsor’s colors knock it out of the ballpark every time.

I am happy, after Hickman said most of his story dealt with the future, that we have a taste of New Universe from the 1980s here in what I consider Marvel’s new flagship title. Well met!

I just pray that Thanos, Infinity and whatever is on the horizon line-wide dies not damage Hickman’s brilliant team book and substantial plot.

That would be a sad things indeed.