Review: Avengers #23 (Hickman and Yu)


Tight, tense, human drama, cosmic action.

Avengers #23, an Infinity tie-in, is a textbook example of how to write a gripping space opus. Maybe I should not exactly say “textbook,” because it has been awhile since I have read a complex space yarn taking place in the Marvel Universe. I believe it was called … The Thanos Imperative.

Writer Jonathan Hickman, who warned us early we would be heading to the LCS for back issues if we did not hang on as he spun his long-form sci-fi superhero yarn, called it, and there were many there Wednesday digging through the stacks to see what had gone before, what they had missed.

A lot. Whole pieces of a cosmic jigsaw puzzle, and only one corner is starting to take form as I am sure there is lots of cosmic action to come.

This issue finds the Avengers and their alien allies returning to Earth for one more battle as they set their sites on Thanos. Meanwhile, we have some great character moments in here, with Super Skrull, Gladiator, Ronan, even Annihilus. Whatever you say about the state of today’s Marvel Cosmic, no fault can be found in the Hickman brand and he is certainly universe building. The fact that he can do this and not make it seem Earth-centric is a wonder in and of itself.

Leinil Yu has done a wonderful job with these Avengers issue Infinity tie-ins, and God only knows how beautiful the aliens and space battles have been. As a matter of fact, the art has been supreme through several rotations as Hickman’s saga began spinning in #1 with the intro of Ex-Nihilio and Abyss.

Now do not get me wrong. In this issue, some of the characters came off a bit “posey” and some usual detail was kinda lacking, but colorists Sunny Gho and Paul Mounts keep it cosmic and I really have no major complaints.

So once again, it is the Avengers vs. Thanos as the ultimate Infinity issue beckons. My money is on Earth being … an Avengers World.