Review: Avengers #23


I am sure Cap had a reason for the Avengers that have assembled against the likes of Norman Osborn and his HAMMER brigade, not to mention the Dark Avengers. I am sure, knowing Cap, but we may never know exactly what that reason was.

The Avengers escape the entrapments of Osborn and the Viper, written especially creepily this time around by Brian Michael Bendis, but it all falls on the rookie Quake, and that ain’t (as it happened years ago with the Vision) a good thing.

A lot of great characters went wanting this issue, although there is the characteristic humor Bendis tries to spread throughout these battles that makes for great fun moments. Still, potential is only good if it is utilized and I am afraid after some solid books Avengers #23 falls kinda flat.

We do have the great art and storytelling of Daniel Acuna back again, and that IS a good thing. Even with the script as a downer, Acuna’s art makes the work come to life.

Although potential goes lacking, there is promise — promise at the issue’s end that we might yet see the story coming that #23 should have been.

At least, that is this reader’s hope.