Review: Avengers #21 (Infinity)


If there is one Infinity tie-in you don’t want to miss it is Avengers #21 as Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu provide a spectacular issue that directly affects the main Infinity event. So much goes down in this single issue that it should be titled “Infinity #5!”

Spoilers follow.

Following the events of Infinity #4 with Thor taking out The Builder, the Kree homeworld is now free; however, the Kree Supremor still thinks there is no hope. Ronan will have none of that and uses his hammer smashing the glass unit that houses the Supreme Intelligence! Ronan recruits his fellow Accusers and they take on the Alpehs head on!

Likewise, Captain America and Gladiator see that the odds are against them and have one more card up their sleeve – the Annihilation wave is unleashed! The bugs from the Negative Zone make their way toward The Builders who are unimpressed and turn the swarm against itself – and against Annihilus

We also see remnants of what’s left of Cap’s forces and various worlds as we see Yondu’s people fighting against the Builder’s forces. And we also see what’s left of Galador! Looks like Ikon may have indeed survived!

Gladiator sees that defeat is inevitable and decides to take it standing up rather than lying down. All is not lost, however, as a chance in a billion lies with Captain Universe! Sure it’s a “deus ex machine,” but Captain Universe is awakened and lands the fatal blow to The Builders, but not before The Builders tell the Alephs to destroy everything!

With Infinity #4, things really picked up which continues here and in this week’s New Avengers #11. Hickman actually shows the defeat of The Builders in a tie-in issue! How often does something as big as that happen in a non-event book? Answer: It never does! Infinity has been Marvel’s best event since Annihilation, and it’s no wonder as they share a lot in common. Overall, this has been a great series.

Avengers #21 isn’t perfect, however, as it’s not the best art I’ve seen from Leinil Francis Yu; it looks as if the inks were layed on a little to think for my taste. I also have a small gripe in that the Accusers were able to take on the Alpehs, but the Silver Surfer in his Infinite comic really couldn’t do much against them. Possibly, there are just that many Accusers? Regardless of my nitpicking, the issue still comes through for cosmic fans. Great issue.