Review: Avengers #20 (Infinity)

With the epic strength of and even a tip of the hat to Annihilation, the modern space opus of Jonathan Hickman continues its galactic excellence in Avengers #20 as the outrage of OUR Ex Nihilio at destruction rather than creativity by one of his fellows leads to a gathering of the golden gardeners.
This is done so seamlessly and folded so well into the main storyline, the reader forgets how long it has been since these seeds have been sewn, so to speak.
Cap and the Galactic Council is always interesting if for no other reason than the makeup of this body. Kid Annihilus is very entertaining as is Gladiator now that he is Shiar majestor, as by DnA.
Every panel from artist Leinil Yu screams modern classic of cosmic proportions, Earth included or not.
This, friends, is Marvel Cosmic at its best NOW. And even NINO Nova will not ruin that for me.
Thanks to writer Hickman for making me hang on patiently and wait for his long form payoffs. It has been worth it, IMHO.
Infinity is cool.