Review: Avengers #19 (Infinity)

Avengers #19 not only continues the grand sci-fi threads of Avengers #18 and Infinity #2, but demonstrates how a complex cosmic “event” with tie-in issues should be done.
Those who had doubts last year about the long term stylings of Jonathan Hickman are now kicking themselves in the arses and buying back issues like crazy.
There is a place where Marvel Cosmic is alive.
In Avengers #19, the spotlight falls on Carol Danvers and also demonstrates just what a putz Peter Quill’s father can be!
There is something disturbing about the Builders using their Gardeners for destructive purposes. Thus why OUR Ex Nihilio has an “A” on his chest!
And if you ever thought the Kree Supreme Intelligence didn’t rock, well, this ain’t exactly Mar-Vell’s Supremor. Cool!
The artwork of Leinil Yu is breathtaking. From his depiction of Carol Danvers’ capture to Galactic Council politics to the frantic action of Earth superheroes in deep space, this is what makes the term “tie-in” a truth rather than hyperbole as far as this grand space opus is concerned. The Complete Yu never looked better!
Like in days of old, I look forward to each installments of this saga, whether in the core Infinity book or the Avengers and New Avengers tie-ins.
This is the Essential Marvel (NOW) Cosmic of our time, and do not be surprised if comparisons to Annihilation finally begin to rear their heads here.
We are in the midst of a classic. Enjoy!