Review: Avengers #10



COVER BY: Romita Jr., Janson & White

WRITER: Brian Bendis

PENCILS: John Romita Jr.

INKS: Janson & Palmer

COLORED BY: White & Mounts

LETTERED BY: VC’s Cory Pettit

PUBLISHER:Marvel Comics

RELEASE DATE: February 23rd, 2011


A wise comics website editor once said: “I don’t buy trades. So I’ll be getting the comics.”

Well, I really don’t get this comic this time around, but if ever an issue of a mag was written for the trades it is AVENGERS #10. And like our editor, Mr. McGloin, I support comic books by the single issue. Despite the biz today, that is the way I read them and that is the way I judge them.

Let the judgment begin!

Since this issue, which focuses in its brief 22 pages (Remember how much Stan, Roy and others used to pack into that number of pages?) on the search – both by the Hood and the Avengers – for the remaining Infinity Gems, is a real stinker, let’s at least jazz up the review and make it fun!

Since the 83rd Academy Awards are around the corner, let’s turn this look at Avengers #10 into a grab for gold, shall we?

And the envelopes, please?

BEST SCENE: Undoubtedly, the best scene in the entire book is the underwater search for the gem in the possession of Namor. It is hard to think of a stronger team than Thor, the Red Hulk and the one true Sub-Mariner, and we even see some brief combat with an aqua-Brood fish. No dialogue and the coloring added to the tenseness of this scene. Somewhere in Heaven, Bill Everett is smiling!

BEST NOSTALGIC MOMENT: I have not read an X-book in awhile (since 1995 or thereabouts), so it was nice to hear Wolverine call Professor X “Charley” again and see the Prof, Logan and Hank back where it all started, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, while searching for the Prof’s gem. (sniff)

BENDIS TALKING HEADS AWARD (HUMOR): A tie between Noh-Varr/Spidey and Iron Fist/Ant-Man. I have given up on Secret Avengers, but I still love the character of the new Ant-Man.


TOO LARGE, NO CHARGE: The Danger Room splash. In a story this skimpy, the marvelous pencils of JRJr coulda limited the Danger Room “wow” (or lack thereof) to one page. Two was overkill, IMHO.

BEST DRESSED VILLAIN: You are expecting maybe the Hood, but herein it has to be – the Blob (or at least a DR scenario carrying his image)! This reminded me of John Byrne’s powerful version of the oft-laughed-at unmovable mutant. In this ish, Blob ruled!

JOHN CENA YOU-CAN’T-SEE-ME AWARD: Dr. Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, Valkyrie and the thousand Greek Chorus Avengers in the backgrounds as Stark and Steve drone on. Someone put in a call to the Living Tribunal – and quick!

TRUE BELIEVER AWARD: Any fan (like me, I guess) who paid four bucks for half an Avengers book and still plans to be back next issue. Take a bow, Quite Nuff Sayers! What’s in your wallet?

BEST BOOK IN THIS REVIEW: Certainly not Avengers #10!