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Review: Astonishing Thor #3

Review: Astonishing Thor #3


Story: Robert Rodi

Art: Mike Choi

Colors: Frank d’Armata

Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover: McGuinnrss & Martin

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release Date: March 2nd, 2011


Astonishing Thor continues to … well, astonish! With its freedom from continuity (words I never thought I would pen, and not the norm for me certainly), backdrop of deep space and mixing of old and new Marvel Cosmic characters (among them my fave, the Stranger), we have the perfect arena for the Mighty Thor!

Scribe Robert Rodi has done a wonderful job of bringing together the Stranger, the Collector and Ego while introducing us to Zephyr and Alter Ego in one fantastic saga. The revelation of Ego’s “true” origin under the hands of the Stranger with a resulting Alter Ego not only sets up the major conflict of this tale but also, from a scientist’s view, seems logical. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” and all that. And above all else, the Stranger is a scientist.

This is big scale adventure, and the art of  Mike Choi and Frank d’Armata has held nothing back. Oh sure, I think we could bring to a halt so many close-ups of the Thunder God’s baby blues – this does not harm the regular mag but will be tell-tale in a trade – but the splashes this issue of Thor breaking out of Alter Ego’s pocket universe and his first encounter with Alter Ego are the stuff of Kirby memory if not legend. Bravo!

Nor does it hurt that Thor and our female interest here, Zephyr, have a history, rather an explosive one, that is also given some attention via flashback this issue. I could fall into the eyes of this wind Elemental. There is something here, I think, beyond her betrayal of Thor with the Collector and her fleeting appearance in #1. I am waiting for a shoe to drop, and I hope our creators do not disappoint.

With the plethora of publications hitting stands with the legend “THOR” emblazened on them these days, I hope audiences – especially we cosmic fans – do not miss this special adventure of Goldilocks.

It, along with DnA’s Iron Man/Thor mini, is a good one!