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Review: The Annihilators #2

Review: The Annihilators #2

Coming off the disappointing first issue, the Annihilators find themselves having to band together to take on a foe – thought worthy of The Annihilators.

The Annihilators #2 is almost the direct opposite of what we saw with the first – at least storywise. Last issue, saw two characters in particular, Quasar and Ronan, look like absolute fools; however, here, they both come off as confident, knowledgeable and powerful. Last issue saw the return of a dire threat with Doctor Dredd, a being able to cut the Surfer to shreds; however, as we see, rock smashes scissors.

This issue was an improvement over the first, but not all that much. As stated above, the characterization is almost at polar opposites. The first issue saw things taken to the extreme, while in #2 things seem to be more normal. The only constant seems to be with the new spaceknight, Ikon.

It's hard for me to put all the blame on DnA, as they are using what they are given from Marvel Editorial – -"4 issues" at 20 pages each. As we saw with the successful six issue The Thanos Imperative, The Annihilators is just as fast and hard hitting – but needs to move even more quickly due to the Editorial constraints. After seeing how well TI did, why Marvel went this route is anybody's guess; a poor decision on their part, if you ask me.

The art had its problems as it did with the first. Note to Marvel: Silver Surfer doesn't have ears; he looks absolutely ridiculous with them — to be fair, the same goes for Greg Pak's Surfer. The covers are correct, but the interiors — not so much.  The large panels and spreads were descent; the facial depictions still need work. Also, Quasar isn't wearing quantum-balloons; they are quantum-bands. This just wasn't the best art choice for a book such as this.

While Marvel Cosmic continues to get shunned by Marvel Editorial, the Avengers franchise continues to grow as we learn a "Spaceknight" is set to appear in Bendis' AvengersThe Annihilators reads as if it is more of a set-up for Ikon than anything else. I think just about everything DnA have done in their cosmic books has been picked up by an Avenger or X-Book. Who was that in Avengers #11?

I hope Marvel realizes what they have with Abnett and Lanning. I see the fan-favorite cosmic duo working on lots from DC, IDW, Boom! Studios and love their work.

It's a shame to see what has become of Marvel Cosmic; it's quite obvious Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso don't favor these books the way they do the street-level characters as proved by the constant rebooting of failed titles. Just think, if "TnA" put as much into the Cosmic Line as they did with ONE of those – Marvel Cosmic wouldn't be in the state it is today.

Just what state is that?


Look for a full review for "Rocket & Groot #2" later today – now, that was a fantastic issue and worth the 5 bucks alone!