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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #687

Review: Amazing Spider-Man #687

Scribe Don Slott just has that feel for Spider-Man like no one else, and he does a masterful job of bringing “Ends of the Earth” to a close as Doc Ock’s mad scheme climaxes in Spider-Man #687.

I do not know why all writers cannot get hold of Spidey the way that Slott can, but the voices, the jokes, the entire saga sizzles while under the writer.

And Stefano Casselli’s art carries Slott’s story with his usual wild arrangement of action and details. It reminds me of the old days when each story was packed dense with that action and suspense “In the Mighty Marvel Manner.” Hard to find it these days, but Casselli (assisted quite ably by the palette of Frank Martin Jr.) brings everything into play just right.

I will not say this has been my favorite Spidey saga, but it certainly served both the character of Doc Ock and, in this issue, Spider-Man well as Slott touches on almost every aspect of Peter/Spidey’s life.

And it isn’t even an annual!

I know the build is on for Amazing Spider-Man #700. I cannot wait until it gets here, even with this frequency!